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Beautiful Birth Doula Services

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Marisa Kleven
Trained Birth Doula

What is a Doula?

Doula means "a woman who serves" in Greek

Birth Doula

A birth doula is someone who serves the mother and partner in pregnancy, labor, delivery and early postpartum. The doula provides emotional and physical support as well as giving informational resources so that the parents can make informed decisions for themselves and baby.

Studies have shown that mothers who have continuous support during labor may have benefits such as:

-Faster labor

-Reduced C-section rate

-A more positive view of their birth experience 

-Healthier babies and less complications

-And more!

Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is someone who serves the family by coming into their home and helping in various ways. The transitions with a newborn can be quite difficult for the entire family and extra hands around the home are often much appreciated. Here are several ways a doula can help:

-Caring for older children

-Overnight help with the newborn

-Help with newborn so parents can sleep, shower, etc.

-Emotional support

-Help siblings and partner adjust

-Provide resources

-And more!

What is a Doula

About Me

My husband and I have lived in Fall Creek since 2020, but we both have lived in the Eau Claire area our whole lives. I have worked as a nanny since 2017 and love working with children and their families! I continue to work part time as a nanny, an administrator/needs and event coordinator at our church, and for a couple of local family businesses. I also have some counseling training which I helps me to be a better doula! I love farming, gardening, chatting with friends over coffee, baking and cooking, inviting friends and family into our home and being a wife. Most of all I love Jesus Christ, the Savior of my life!

 I have been fascinated with reproductive systems, pregnancy and birth since I was in early high school. Once I learned about what a doula is, I was very interested because it sounded like it took my love to encourage, support and help others and mixed it with my high interest in pregnancy and birth!

I have such a passion to support and encourage mamas as they go through the journey of birth! 

I support women and their families throughout the Chippewa Valley. My hope is that every mama and her partner will feel empowered, encouraged and supported to make the best labor and birth decisions for their family. It is also my joy to give her partner tools along the way to encourage and support the mama throughout this beautiful process! My goal is to serve families in the best way I can to meet their needs and desires and ultimately to glorify God through this beautiful process!

About Me


Birth Doula


As your birth doula I will be available to you via text, call or email. I also provide the following:

-I will meet with you for 2 prenatal visits.

-I will be on call from 38-42 weeks.

-I will join you for labor and birth support.

-I will follow up with you at a postpartum visit

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