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Q: Why should I hire a doula?

A: There are so many reasons! A few are:

-to help dad know how to serve you during labor

-to be available to support you and your decisions throughout pregnancy, labor and birth

-to provide physical and emotional support


-to provide information as you need it


Check out for more info!

Q: Aren't doulas and midwives the same thing?

A: Nope! A midwife's job is to make sure you and baby are safe and healthy on the medical side of things. They are the ones doing the monitoring, offering medical advice, doing exams, etc. In a hospital they do not typically stay with you the whole time. Doula's are with you the whole time and offer emotional support, give you resources, help with non-medical comfort measures, support you with whatever decisions you make, etc. Both doulas and midwives are important to your birth team!

Q: What if I can't afford a doula?

A: There are a couple of options. First, check to see if your insurance covers doulas. Second, consider asking for the funds to cover a doula at your baby shower. You may consider using a website like to accomplish this. Third, you can ask the doula you are considering if she offers a sliding scale for her prices.

Q: What is the story behind your logo?

A: The hand represents what I do, which is to serve! The flowers are sign of the femininity and beauty that comes with pregnancy and childbirth. The little blooming flower represents the new baby!

Q: Will a doula take the place of the dad in labor?

A: Absolutely not! Doulas love to help dads know how to support you best. No one can take the place of the special connection you have with the dad. A doula knows when to step in and when to help dad do his thing. In the prenatal meetings there will be discussions about what you want the role of the dad and doula to look like.

Q: Do doulas only help with home births?

A: No! Actually most doulas serve women in the hospital setting, but we love to serve wherever you want to give birth: hospital, birth center or home!

Q: If I want a medicated birth, do I need a doula?

A: Yes! Doula's help in so many different ways that having a doula at a medicated birth would still be very beneficial! Doula's help support partners, encourage emotionally, provide information as needed so you can make informed decisions. Doula's can help you with different positions to help baby out even if you have an epidural! 

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