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I told Marisa the moment I was coherent enough to do so after my baby was born that she was "worth her weight"(/price for her services) "in gold.". I will be recommending her to all of my friends who come to me asking for helpful resources for birthing. She was the most available person for everything and anything that I needed and more throughout my 11 hours of back labor, consistently applying counter pressure (which is hard work for that duration when you're doing it every couple of minutes as contractions ebb and flow!). She made it where my husband and midwives could take naps in the night and she never wasn't present in a moment I needed her to be there.

Jennah H.

Marisa was essential to my birth preparation, delivery and postpartum process! As a first time mom living in a new rural area Marisa became my village. Her check-in texts leading up to delivery, ability to get my husband involved in our birth process, and support at home during the healing process after our kiddo arrived have all been invaluable. Marisa has been a wonderful educational guide and emotional support throughout the process. For example, Marisa helped with counter-pressure and breathing techniques during birth, and has helped with nursing tips and my diet postpartum. I will be recommending her to anyone I know expecting in the area, and hope to utilize her services if we are blessed with any additional children in the future.

Michelle N.

When I became pregnant with our first child I hired Marisa since I knew I wanted my first birth to go as best it could. I also wanted my husband to have a good experience. That was a great decision. In the prenatal appointments Marisa walked through different pain relief techniques with me and my husband and really helped my husband feel excited (instead of nerves) and prepared. Marisa helped me think through birthing options and overcome my own fears of labor. She was a great support and resource during and after birth. During labor she was an asset and made me feel safe and secure. We had a home birth and it was amazing!!

Elsa F.

I hope Marisa is able to attend all of my future births! Her knowledge and support gave me confidence in all of my decisions surrounding pregnancy and labor. She gave me love and comfort in my weakest and most vulnerable moments in a way that still leaves me fond of the memories, and she has a passion for birth that is absolutely contagious.

Breana C.

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